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Monday, May 23, 2016

Book Review: Bioshock Infinite- Mind in Revolt by Joe Fielder

Name- BioShock Infinite- Mind in Revolt 
Author- Joe Fielder with Ken Levine 
Genre- Fiction -Video Game, Fiction - Dystopia

When you play Bioshock Infinite, you encounter an anarchist group called the Vox Populi (Voice of the People), led by former house slave to the Columbian royal family, the Comstock's, Daisy Fitzroy. According to the game, Daisy killed lady Comstock and went on a mad rampage since, inciting revolt and rebellion. Of course, you know from the tone of the game that Daisy is innocent, was set up, but a lot of the backstory relies on reading between the lines and intuning.

Mind in Revolt is "based" on a scientific piece called The Psychology of Dissent Interviews with The Anarchist Daisy Fitzroy by Dr. Francis Pinchot. Dr. Pinchot is a member of the Columbian Founding clan. When anarchist and murderer Daisy Fitzroy is captured, he is allowed to take her for psychological evaluation. The game storyline has already established that Daisy is very charismatic, intelligent, and savvy. She's a hard woman to trick, and doesn't fall easily for people's attempts at dishonesty or misdirection. Naturally, a psychological evaluation would be difficult. Mind in Revolt gives us a greater sense of who and what Daisy Fitzroy is. She is even able to persuade a founder, a Doctor, to aid her in her rebellion. That is the nature of charisma and intellect-- she just inspires people through her rhetoric and knowledge. For anyone into the Bioshock series, this short read is well worth it. You learn a little more about Daisy, but also about Columbia and Comstock.

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