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Monday, May 23, 2016

Comic Review: Zombie Tramp (vol. 1) by Dan Mendoza

Name- Zombie Tramp, vol. 1 
Author- Dan Mendoza 
Genre- Comic - Mature, Comic - Horror 

Janey Belle is just a high priced Hollywood call girl who makes the wrong decision when she chooses to help out her Madame, George. When George is arrested, Janey is asked to spend a night with Sheriff Rudolph in exchange for George's freedom. Except the sheriff wants more than to spend a night with Janey; he also wants to feed her to his zombie son, Jason. Janey wakes up from the encounter a zombie herself, and bent on getting revenge against the people who caused her to die... and become reanimated. Aided by the Voodoo Queen Xula, Janey visits her old madame and then the sheriff, each one in turn satisfying the rage of betrayal and abuse in Janey. She possesses some interesting abilities, too, which I very much liked about the story. For example, Janey, if she loses a part of her body, can replace it with someone else's part. It was amusing to see her tear an arm off and stick it on her own body. And, it seems that each night Janey must sleep in the ground, and once she awakens she is regenerated. The book art is a gorgeous scheme of bold black, white, red and grey. I love the style of art that Mendoza is gifted with because it is sexy and yet still grotesque. Highly recommended to people who like horror comics, or just zombies in general.

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