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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Pre-Order Release Blitz, Review & Giveaway: Painslut by L.M. Roberts

Title: Painslut
Series: The Kinky Submission Series #1
Author: L.M Roberts
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: July 24, 2017


I’m his Ivy.
I was broken, battered, and scarred. But Master X told me he could make me whole again.
He said that pleasure could be derived from pain.
He said he could make me crave what I fear the most.
I didn’t believe him, but now I can only be described as one thing.
His Painslut.


I’m her Master.
The one chose to rehabilitate her.
I didn’t know that while doing so, I’d make the biggest discovery of all.
That by rehabilitating her, I could find my real purpose in life.
To be a dominate to one woman, that deserves everything I can give her.

Dominant Master X, real name Xavier, and submissive Yvette meet “on the job.”  Master X is a BDSM rehabilitation expert—he takes submissives with problems and helps them recover emotionally so that they can once again enter the world of BDSM more confident.  Yvette is a submissive who is in need of rehabilitation.  Her former Master and partner performed a scene, using techniques he was not familiar with, that caused her physical injury and accompanying mental trauma.  She has grown fearful of pain and no longer trusts.  When her therapist recommends she see Master X, Yvette is hesitant, but does so anyway.

Their connection is instant—it is love, or lust, at first sight.  Master X finds that it is hard to rehabilitate a woman whose trust issue centers on pain when he is a sadist.  They take it step by step, but it is hard for Yvette to overcome the hurdle of her fear,  and Master X is frustrated to a degree that she won’t let him push her boundaries to show her that pleasure can be “derived” from pain.  When Yvette finally does learn to trust Master X, she finds the rewards are greater than anything she could imagine.

Painslut is a short and sexy novella.  It is erotic and emotional, but doesn’t include graphic sex scenes—a bit of naughty language is as dirty as the story gets.  A lot is implied and spoken of after the fact, but the actual acts the two perform are left to the imagination.  This may appeal to the reader who is looking for some dark erotica but not something graphic in nature.

I also want to commend the author for her knowledge of BDSM—she presented the culture accurately.  She was able to impart to the reader that BDSM is about consent and trust, boundaries and respect.  As opposed to other BDSM novels that often feature extreme and dangerous storylines where Masters often break trust and readers, who may not know much about BDSM, think that this is how BDSM is meant to be.  Which can lead to their own participation being dangerous and toxic.  The author clearly did her research and understood the essential and most fundamental rules of BDSM, and for that reason I think Painslut should be respected within the genre.

Bestselling author L.M. Roberts is a mother of two, completely obsessed with her darling husband of almost nine years, and is a cat mommy to a feisty little tabby named, Mellow, that acts like he's the shit. (She now realizes she gave him the wrong name when she brought him home.) Her hobbies include writing, writing, and more writing! Besides working her dreaded day job, looking after her family, and attending college full-time to obtain her bachelor’s degree, she enjoys getting lost in her imagination, coming up with tantalizing, steamy, and just pretty much over-the-top romance novels for her readers to devour.


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