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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Author Interview: Natalie Decker (Right Text, Wrong Number)

I would like to welcome Natalie Decker, author of Right Text, Wrong Number. She was kind enough to give Morbid Romantic an interview.

Q: The novel Right Text, Wrong Number is about a text gone awry and the results of that mistake.  Has anything embarrassing ever happened to you via text message?  We all have that one text we’ve sent to the wrong person or that horrible autocorrect mistake.
A: I haven’t sent a wrong text, but I’ve received one. So this guy sent me a pic of his street bike and said what do you think bro? Pretty sweet right? Firstly, I’m not a bro obviously but I just couldn’t resist on commenting on the bike. “It’s a little small man.” This fired the guy up he thought he was texting someone named Alex. He kept going over all the features to the bike and then he called me crazy because it would be hella awesome for street racing. Finally, I said, “Dude, I’m sure you might LOVE your bike but I personally think it’s the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. Two, I’m not Alex but good luck with your street racing.” Then the guy started shooting off texts like who is this? Is this a joke? I had to tell him it wasn’t a joke and he simply had a wrong number. But this is what inspired me to write RIGHT TEXT WRONG NUMBER.

Q: What draws you to the young adult and romance genres? 
A: I love first loves. 

Q: Are your lead characters based in part on you, or are they personalities and entities all their own?
A: Personalities all of their own. Although, I am super sarcastic when the mood strikes me. These two bickering back and forth in my head was all them 😊

Q: Who are some of your favorite authors or books?  Who inspires you to write?
A: I wasn’t a real big fan of reading during elementary until 6th when we had to read A WRINKLE IN TIME. After that I was hooked. I read all kinds of books, my most favorite growing up was between Harry Potter and the Giver. The person who inspired me to write was actually two people. My college professor, and my husband. My college professor was upset at my major, he said it should have been English because I had an imagination that put possibly kids to shame. My husband read a piece of something I was working on, (I was a closet inspiring author at the time) and he said, “How does this end?” I of course told him and he said you should this I think you’d be really good at it. 😊

Q: What one piece of advice would you give other aspiring authors?
A: Thick skin. You are going to need layers and layers. You might not get the novel right the first time, or the second, or what feels like the Millionth time but you will get there. Keep going, keep your head down, keep writing no matter how much a rejection might sting. I’ve gotten a lot. Stay positive as hard as it may be, and let the words bounce off. It’s like dating. You might have to kiss a bunch of frogs until you find the right one, but you eventually do. 😊

Q: What would be the “theme song” to the story of your life?
A: Oh this is a great question because I actually love so much music that I couldn’t really say. But how about instead of my life we do today. I’m really digging, “Not Today” by Imagine Dragons

Q: What is the one thing you’d love to do that you’ve yet to do?
A: I want to travel to every place on Earth.

Q: Finally, could you share a favorite quote?
A: Your life is your own journey, so make it amazing!

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