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Friday, May 27, 2016

Comic Review: Scythe, Herald of Death (Issue 1) by Frederick Orozco and Catherine Humala

Title- Scythe, Herald of Death (Issue 1)
Author(s)- Frederick Orozco and Catherine Humala
Genre- Comic - Horror, Comic - Adventure

The initial plot is laid out on page one: before the earth there were four celestial beings. There is Life, Light, Time, Gravity, and Death. Death had to be confined, so he created reapers to do his bidding on earth in his stead. These are the Herald's of Death.

Enter April, a typical student who finds history boring and has a major, almost concerning, crush on a classmate. She even enters a dance contest to get close to him. After her audition, she walks home alone. All alone at night, she comes across two men who have just murdered a third. They can't let her live, right? A Reaper appears to take the soul of the man killed, but then he has the most concerning hallucination of what can be assumed as his daughter crying for help since she had no initial intentions of intervening to save April. Despite his effort, April is stabbed and the issue ends.

The story seems interesting. I can see how further issues can get very exciting. However, this first issue was dull and slow. The first issue should always captivate the audience and leave them thirsty for more, but Scythe just did not do that for me. It spends too much time on the mundane activities of school and everyday life. Not even the big event at the end had much of an impact. I also disliked the art style. It had the round-faced, cartoonish quality of a child's show and now a serious adult comic. I have every hope that the comic will amp up the action in the future series', but I don't know if I am willing to give it a shot.

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