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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Comic Review: The Crow Special Edition by J. O'Barr

Name- The Crow (Special Edition) 
Author- James O'Barr 
Genre- Comic - Mature, Comic - Horror

Eric and Shelly are a young couple in love, poor but happy. They are very deeply in love, in fact, Shelly remarking that her love for Eric was so deep that it sometimes frightened her. That immense a love. Well, imagine one night, broken down on the side of the road, a car full of drug-addled deviates pass by and then decide to stop. Unable to control their own impulses and high on the rock and the desire to inflict pain, they shoot Eric and brutalize Shelly before kicking her head in. Shelly is declared DOA and Eric lingers on though he is pretty braindead-- two shots to the skull will do that. But Eric didn't follow a piece of important wisdom given to him by the crow: Look away. Eric looked and watched as Shelly was violated and killed, and it would manifest such a hate and anger in him that, a year later, his specter would return for vengeance.

Eric doesn't return a normal man-- he is an immortal creature of purpose, pure intent purpose of meeting and destroying the collective who had destroyed his life: Tin Tin, Tom Tim, Fun Boy, Top Dollar... these are the men who must pay for what they did to Shelly. Using his immortality and strength, Eric meets each of these men and kills them. I don't want to go into detail about how because that would utterly spoil everything.

The artwork is dated, but beautifully so. It has that 90s vibe, the big rock hair, and long leather trench coats. The color scheme relies on black being the predominate color so that the comic appears dark and desolate as if it took place only under the canopy of stars. This makes the book even more mysterious, Eric more threatening, and the comic more beautiful. Heavily recommended to people who like dark comics, revenge comics, and bloody comics.

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