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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blog Tour: The Wonder Singer by George Rabasa

Author George Rabasa is touring the blog world with his new title The Wonder Singer. The blog tour runs from May 5th to May 15th. Thanks so much to Unbridled Books for giving me the chance to host this tour!

About George Rabasa
George Rabasa's collection of short stories, Glass Houses, received The Writer's Voice Capricorn Award for Excellence in Fiction and the Minnesota Book Award for Short Stories. His novel, Floating Kingdom received the Minnesota Book Award for Fiction. And his most recent novel, The Cleansing, was named a Book Sense Notable. His short fiction has appeared in various literary magazines, such as Story Quarterly, Glimmer Train, The MacGuffin, South Carolina Quarterly, Hayden's Ferry, American Literary Review, and in several anthologies. Rabasa was born in Maine, raised in Mexico, and now lives in Minnesota. Home Page The Wonder Singer @ Unbridled Books

About The Wonder Singer

Let's face it - who couldn't use a break? As any freelance writer knows, plum jobs can be hard to come by, and for Mark Lockwood, who has labored for years with the mind-numbing series "How to Talk to Your Teen about" landing the job as ghost writer for the esteemed diva Merca Casals is a dream. Plus, the job comes with an unexpected perk for this middle-aged and newly restless married man: each day he gets to spend some time with Casals appealing young nurse, Perla. What could be better? Finishing the job to great success. Having a romance. But hopes for both fade when the Diva dies in her bath. Now, her agent, Hollywood Hank, is demanding Lockwood's interview tapes, which Hank plans to pass over to a renowned celebrity biographer, someone with a big name. And Perla, too, seems happy to move on. So begins the chase (or chases!) in this charmer from award-winning novelist and short story writer George Rabasa. In a page-turning tale of passion, great art, dramatic failures, and nice guys (hopefully) winning first, we follow Mark Lockwood as he hides from Hollywood Hank, with the interview tapes often secured to his person. With the aid of Perla and the Diva's greatest fan (a cross dressing mimic), Lockwood writes feverishly to beat his new competitor (who is writing without any interviews on file, just great imagination) to New York with the final manuscript. Rabasa takes us through the humble world of the self-employed, the glamorous and glittering world of real stars, the grubby side of Hollywood, and the honest, straight forward place where real love can still triumph if one is not too late. And has some sense.

If you'd like to read my review, please go here. If you'd like to read my interview with George Rabasa, please go here.

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